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ADACEN has significant expertise within its Infrastructure and resilient solutions and services however realizes that partnering further empowers our team to deliver even better client services and value. There are many phenomenal organizations that ADACEN seeks to work with while having found numerous ones already. Our reach is broader, our depth is greater and our scale more vast with solutions provided faster to market based on these amazing partnerships. 


Contact us if you are interested in exploring a partnership with ADACEN.

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Infrastructure Partners

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Service Delivery Partners

ADACEN provides the most advanced infrastructure solutions for high performance compute in support of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Modeling/Simulation. To compliment our facilities and infrastructure, ADACEN has teamed up with several organizations that compliment our capabilities - to which our combined services and solutions are unmatched in the industry. For more information scroll through the highlights below. 


Hoonify places supercomputing powers in the hands of everyone, anywhere - in the office, in the field, or via secure, private cloud powered by ADACEN Supercomputing and High Performance Computing (HPC) are complex capabilities requiring a high level of effort and expense. Hoonify's TurbOS™, masters these capabilities to deliver on-demand, simplified, and affordable HPC. TurbOS meets your most demanding needs for modeling and simulation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Hoonify puts National Laboratory-level supercomputing power into the hands of everyday users with TurbOS, our All-In-One High Performance Computing (HPC) software platform. TurbOS equips clients with high performance parallel computing, optimized applications, and workflows that are proven in the most demanding environments.  ADACEN and Hoonify now offer Private AIaaS/MLaaS on an affordable core hour basis privately hosted or on premise.

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