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Our Mission

In a world of growing threats, ADACEN's mission is to provide the ultimate backstop for data protection with more secure, higher performing and significantly more efficient solutions than the status quo, completely redefining data resilience. 

Our Story

ADACEN is an IT solutions company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico that provides products and services to United States federal, regional, and local governments; eligible domestic commercial companies; and eligible international governments and commercial companies.  The company has two areas of focus for its business operations:




ADACEN accomplishes these operations through its operating entities – ADACEN, Inc., and its subsidiary ADACEN Federal, LLC.


Focus Areas


ADACEN focuses on two key areas that can stand independently, or be combined — in whole or in part — for maximum results.




  • Performance – High-Performance Compute (HPC) & Private HPC Cloud

  • Efficiency – Immersion Cooled Server Technologies

  • Security – Quantum Safe Encryption (QSE) Technologies

  • Scalability – Simplistic Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Mobility – Pods, Containers & Forwarded Deployed Solutions




The ADACEN's DATA OASIS™ is an advanced data center complex located at strategic locations within the United States and globally. Data Oasis can include some or all the elements within ADACEN's ADVANCED DATA SOLUTIONS℠ portfolio – and be reinforced with the following enhancements:

  • Resilient Power (Pre-grid electricity for uninterrupted data center operations)

  • Enhanced Physical Security (on / adjacent to strategic locations)

  • Advanced Connectivity (including Air-Gapped Data Transport, QSE, others)




These two areas of focus for ADACEN enables our company to provide measurable and proven results to its customer that drive key differentiators. These differentiators enable next-generation performance, measurable efficiency gains, and substantial cost savings. Ancillary differentiators include elimination of water use, substantial reductions in power use, and simplified facility build / footprint considerations (including mobile and forward deployed options).

ADACEN has assembled a team of highly experienced commercial IT, DoD, Energy, and Intelligence community professionals to execute its mission. With deep experience with military, large-scale commercial and three letter agency data management and security, the ADACEN management team understands the current and emerging demands placed on highly secure, functional and reliable data center installations and operations.

Bob Henley, Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Henley is an entrepreneur and business operations leader with over 30 years of experience ranging from spacecraft communication engineering at the US Naval Research Laboratory, Senior Engineering Director at USInternetworking AppHost division, Private Cloud Architect for USATODAY, and product, service developer and service delivery leader for numerous organizations. He is a co-founder of several companies and has held executive roles within these companies focusing on product inception, development, and service delivery. Mr. Henley is a US Air Force Scholarship recipient from the University of Maryland, where he earned his BS Degree in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering before entering the Air Force Reserves. Mr. Henley is a licensed commercial pilot and certified flight instructor.

Jack Mundie, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mundie is a technology and business visionary executive with extensive and progressive experience. Mr. Mundie has held positions as a technical expert, technical manager, and an executive leader. Mr. Mundie has an entrepreneurial spirit and diverse and comprehensive experience creating robust and resilient IT architectures and infrastructures that meet complex technology, growth, security, and compliance requirements. Mr. Mundie has solid experience and a passion for developing and leading high performing teams responsible for driving change and realizing results, while minimizing business risks.

Key Competencies:

• Technical / Executive Leadership
• Project Management
• Team Building / Mentoring
• Vendor Management / Contract Negotiations
• Budgeting / Cost Control
• Technology Integrator
• Information Security
• Business Continuity
• Data Center Management

J. Kyle Bodhaine, Chief Development Officer


Mr. Bodhaine has over 40 years of diversified experience in architecture, construction, and project development. He joined ADACEN in 2022 and is director of its real estate development & construction including business development with Sandia National Lab and Los Alamos National Lab.  As a graduate with a BA in Architecture from the University of Texas (Austin), and most notably, worked with the Marriot Corp in California and with FLUOR Corp in the Middle East, Far East and Europe.  As well as President of SC3 Development, LLC in the development of Mesa Del Sol (MDS) a master planned community in Albuquerque.


Bernard Westwood, Chief Revenue Officer

Mr. Westwood is a highly accomplished and versatile professional with an extraordinary journey spanning three decades in the military and the dynamic world of data centers. Mr. Westwood has an exceptional ability to adapt swiftly to market trends and embrace emerging technologies. Mr. Westwood led Sales Operations for the Storage and Virtualization practice at Syscom Technologies a $45M division (acquired by BlueAlly). Then as VP of Technology Operations at BlueAlly he helped transform the organization to a data-driven culture delivering double digit gains growing the company to $98M in three years.

Paul Schwake, Financial Advisor

Mr. Schwake serves as a financial advisor to ADACEN, Inc., advising on the strategic, financial, contractual, and operational concerns of the company. Concurrently Paul serves as Chief Operating Officer for Dark Horse Entertainment. Paul draws on over 35 years of experience as an executive and producer in the film and television industry, including COO and CFO positions at start up production companies, Skydance Entertainment, Level 1 Entertainment and Spyglass Productions. 

Experienced Leadership

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